Andreas Rau (b. 1990) is a generative artist exploring the interplay between humans and their physical and digital environments. He works with code and electronics to build bridges between the physical and the digital in a continuous dialog with the machine. His work includes interactive installations, audiovisual pieces and physical artifacts created fully from code. It has been shown internationally and collected by individuals and institutions around the world.


10/23 Kate Vass Gallery / Art Salon Paris
Group show / Paris, France
06/23 The Tezos Foundation Permanent Collection
Group show / online
03/23 Bright Moments: Klangteppich
Solo exhibition / Berlin, Germany
12/22 KEF Music Gallery: «Journey Through Sound»
Group show / Hong Kong
09/22 Vertical Crypto Art Berlin: «In Touch»
Group show / Berlin, Germany
08/22 Hvitsten Salong 2022
Festival / Hvitsten, Norway
07/22 Museum Angewandte Kunst: «Unblock Gaudi»
Group show / Frankfurt, Germany
06/22 NFT NYC 2022
Group show / New York City, USA
01/22 NFT Paris 2022
Group show / Paris, France
12/21 Art Basel Miami 2021
Group show / Miami, USA
10/21 AlterHEN inaugural exhibition
Group show / online
09/21 Festival für selbstgebaute Musik
Festival / Berlin, Germany
03/19 Critical Media Lab: «Give and Take»
Group residency + show / Basel, Switzerland
10/16 Retune Festival: «Parallel States»
Festival / Berlin, Germany