There’s so much more to our world than what we are able to perceive, let alone understand. Will we ever be able to even fully understand ourselves?

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Andreas Rau, 2022

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Elevation is a series of 320 generative elevation drawings of imaginary structures. It is a reminder of the limits of our consciousness, and an ode to the manifold nuances that lie beyond what we can perceive, beyond what we even can imagine.

As a generative artist, I aim to elevate my own consciousness with the help of the machine. I welcome algorithms and randomness into the creation of my works, taking full control, and intentionally giving it away, always seeking to expand my imagination. For as humans alone, we remain limited to our own edifice of thought, and often fail to free ourselves from the visible, mundane world.

Both are present in Elevation: the visible and the imaginary, the mundane and the transcendent, the solid and the fragile. Where an architect’s elevation drawing marks the transition from the thought world into the visible world, Elevation remains in-between, depicting both the idea of an imaginary structure, and the structure itself.

About the prints

Elevation is printed on museum quality acid-free paper by my local artist-run print shop in Oslo, Norway. They hold a Hahnemühle certification and usually produce works for local museums and galeries.

Signed Giclée Prints (archival ink), available for purchase to owners of a Elevation NFT

Paper: Hahnemühle Sugar Cane, 300gsm
Print Size: as provided in the feature set of your NFT edition

Payment is done in Tezos by purchasing a reservation ticket via teia.art/objkt/751525

International shipping is included in the price

Orders will be handled in batches. I will do my best to handle them as quickly as possible, but it’s a lot of manual work and this takes time. You can usually expect around two to three weeks plus shipping.

Order before July 3 to be part of the first batch, shipping around July 11. Batch #2 will have to wait until mid August.

Eligibility for signed prints is awarded to all holders of Elevation NFTs, regardless if a print of that particular NFT has been ordered before. The total amount of prints, however, is limited to 320 editions, matching the size of the Elevation collection.

Framing is highly dependent on the environment the print shall be displayed in. Discuss options with a local framer you trust.