480 unique sketches of imaginary weaves. Color palettes inspired by the great works of Anni Albers, Gunta Stölzl, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, and Hilma af Klint.

This page gives you some background on the project, and the possibility to order the corresponding print to a Loom NFT you own.

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About the project

Loom is a generative exploration of texture and color. It is inspired by the Bauhaus, more specifically the wonderful textile artists associated with the school.

Instead of representing finalized weaves, Loom cherishes the process of creation and reminds of the sketches Anni Albers made of her textile designs. Loom blends this aesthetic with color palettes inspired by the works of four pioneers of abstract art: Anni Albers, Gunta Stölzl, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, and Hilma af Klint. Some of the sketches boast a faint grid, helping the weaver align in the process, others remain void of these guidelines — perhaps allowing for more freedom in the process?

Loom was one of the first projects (#79) released on fxhash when it first launched in November 2021. Being in beta mode, fxhash still had some issues that didn’t however keep creators or collectors from using the platform. Therefore, I found the idea of creating a representation of sketches, rather than finalized works, a compelling way to deal with the instability of the platform.

The beta mode led to what later became known as «bug #64» — a bug causing works to occasionally being assigned to the wrong collection. As a result, there are now 6 pieces by other creators in the Loom collection, and 3 «Lost» Looms that found their homes in other collections.

And so, the project encapsulates all of this: The beauty of a new beginning, the thrill of the yet-to-be-done, the uncertainty of exploration. A reminder that everything is work in progress — both the artwork and the platform it was released on.

About the prints

Loom is printed on museum quality acid-free paper by my local artist-run print shop in Oslo, Norway.

Signed Giclée Prints (archival ink), available for purchase to owners of a Loom NFT

Paper: Hahnemühle Photo Rag, 308gsm
Print Size: ca. 30 × 30 cm (about 11,8″)
Paper Size: 40 × 40 cm (about 15,75″)

Payment is done in Tezos by purchasing a reservation ticket via teia.art/objkt/678781

International shipping is included in the price

Orders will be handled in batches. I will do my best to handle them as quickly as possible, but it’s a lot of manual work and this takes time. You can expect around two to three weeks plus shipping.

Eligibility for signed prints is awarded to all holders of Loom NFTs, regardless if a print of that particular NFT has been ordered before. The total amount of prints, however, is limited to 480 editions, matching the size of the Loom collection.

Framing is highly dependent on the environment the print shall be displayed in. As a guideline, I recommend a 40 × 40 cm frame with a thin black face, anti-reflective glazing and a 30 × 30 cm (29 × 29 cm) mount. Discuss options with a local framer you trust.